The Baker Family, Missionaries of Helps to the West

Missionaries of Helps to the West

"Serving Others While Serving the Savior"

Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest. Matthew 9:38


 Dear Friend:

We are the Baker family, missionaries of helps to the West, and are currently serving in the Western United States in Gillette, Wyoming. We are privileged to serve through Anchor Baptist Missions International, Pisgah Forest, NC, and our home (sending) church, Wahoo Baptist Church, Murrayville, GA.

Growing up in the mountains of Western North Carolina and Northeast Georgia, the heart of the Bible belt, we never imagined that we would relocate, much less travel 1,700 miles away from home to the barren, dry land of the West. We are thankful for God's salvation early in our lives and the path that He has chosen for us over the past several years. After serving in Anchor Baptist Church, Pisgah Forest, NC, for almost 15 years, under the pastorate of Dr. Randy C. Barton, God began to burden us to move to the state of Georgia so that Doug could expand his business in the aggregate mining industry. We became members of Wahoo Baptist Church in Murrayville, GA, where we served, helping in any capacity we could. We never imagined what God had waiting around the corner for us!

In 2005, we took a "pleasure trip" to Wyoming to visit Yellowstone National Park, something we'd always wanted to do. Little did we know that trip, along with some subsequent ones, would be the beginning of God's burdening our hearts for the people of the West. Not only did we see the Spiritual dryness of the people living in the West and a great need for our Savior, but a need for supplies and encouragement to both pastors and missionaries serving there! We returned home, and in August 2006, the Lord began to burden our hearts to surrender to the call of a Ministry of Helps to the West. We moved to Gillette, Wyoming, in May of 2008, and already the Lord has done great and mighty things for us! We never imagined that God could use us, but after hearing a message at WGCR's Share-a-thon by Brother Todd Bell entitled, "the Lord's prayer request", the Lord solidified in our hearts that HE wanted us to be willing and available to work for Him. He has taken care of the rest! Because Doug was not a preacher, we came as laymen missionaries. Gladly, Doug answered the call to preach on March 1, 2014!  Our ministry verse, since our arrival, has been Matthew 9:38, "Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest." Our daughters, Courtney and Caroline, came with us to serve in the ministry. Since that time, Courtney met and married the love of her life, Travis Moore. The two of them are residing and serving the Lord in NC. Our youngest daughter, Caroline, remains with us and is employed the hospital system here in Gillette. She continues to be a blessing and help in the ministry!

We have prayed, as a family, to be a help and encouragement to both pastors and missionary families, and to be a light to those who need the Lord, but our main burden here is to construct a supply warehouse for the needs of those serving in the West. As we traveled throughout the Western states and visited with pastors and missionaries serving here, we found that there is a dire need for supplies, both for their churches and personally. The Lord blessed us with a 50x50 warehouse building in February 2009 and allowed us to purchase a 15 acre tract of land in March 2010. Since that time, the Lord has allowed us to complete the warehouse building and become an outpost for Anchor Baptist Missions International, Pisgah Forest, NC, and are currently providing supplies to missionaries serving in a five state radius! 

We have, since 2009, been overseeing Prairie View Baptist Church, Moorcroft, WY, as they have been without a pastor since that time. We conduct services there on Sundays and Wednesday, preaching the Word & ministering to the community through visitation. We are also currently assisting with two community nursing home services per month and continue to assist other churches where needed, through Vacation Bible School, summer camp, construction projects, music, and filling in for pastors and missionaries who are on furlough.

Serving others while serving HIM,

The Doug Baker Family



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